Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-AMG GT review 2018

2018 Mercedes-Benz GT
# 5 in Luxury Sports Car
Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT

Is the Mercedes-AMG GT a Good Car?
Mercedes-AMG GT is a great Luxury Sports Car. Offered as a coupe or roadster (convertible), the GT has a powerful V8 engine and handling suitable for car chase scenes in action movies. The interior features the upscale styling and premium materials you expect in Mercedes, and the seating is spacious. There are many standard features and the actual trunk can not be used, which does not apply to all Luxury Sports Cars in this class. Sure, the GT is less fuel efficient than some of its competitors, and some competitors offer more technological features. But overall, GT is one of the best Luxury Sports Cars on the road. This is evidenced by the third finish in this class, which is full of some of the most impressive vehicles on the market.
Should I buy a Mercedes-AMG GT?
Big cars are not necessarily of great value, and so is the case with this Mercedes. You can barely ask for more in a sports car than GT does to you, but you also have to pay for it. GT costs far more than its competitors. Consider shopping before buying; You might be able to find another luxury sports car that you like at a cheaper price, like the Jaguar F-Type.
You may also want to consider a Porsche 911, which has a lower base price than the GT (although the higher trim becomes very expensive). Or, if you're using a Mercedes-Benz but worried you might need something more practical than GT, see S-Class. It's amazingly luxurious but still offers some trim with outstanding performance.
Should I buy a new or used Mercedes-AMG GT?
This is our first year covering the GT, but Mercedes has made it since the 2015 model year. For the most part, little has changed the way the features of the debut of Luxury Sports Car to model this year. However, 2017 and 2018 have both seen an expanded trim / engine formation. The 2018 edition is the first to offer the GT roadster, and also has a slightly stronger engine (base engine drove from 456 to 469 horsepower).

If you're just looking for a high performance GT coupe, consider shipping the old model to save money. But if you want a roadster, you need version 2018.

We Do Research for You: 14 Review Analyze
Our Luxury Sports Car Reviews covers everything you need to know before heading to the dealer. We combine automotive press opinions with quantitative data such as crash test results and reliability ratings to form a complete picture of each vehicle we rank.

2018 marks the first year we cover GT Mercedes-AMG on our site. Thus, we treat it like a new model; All research and data used in this review are derived from the model year 2018.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-AMG GT Versus the Competition
Which one is better: Mercedes-AMG GT or Jaguar F-Type?
Jaguar F-Type is also a two-seater that is offered as a coupe and roadster, but has a starting price of about half of the price of GT. It's more fuel-efficient with its base engine and has a more diverse range of engines than its Mercedes rivals, including six-cylinder and supercharged six-cylinder turbocharged options. It should be noted that you must upgrade to one of the F-Type V8s to get the power that rivals the GT.

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Both Luxury Sports Cars can be handled properly and have a smooth ride. GT has a superior interior. It's more luxurious and has more supportive seats. The list is comparable, though the GT infotainment system is easier to use. Mercedes is a better vehicle here, but not enough to justify an initial price of over $ 50,000 higher (though the gap is shrinking if you want one of the Jag's V8). Most buyers will be better with Jaguar.

Which one is better: Mercedes-AMG GT or Porsche 911?
The Porsche 911 finishes slightly higher than GT in our class rank, but the Carrera model base lowers the GT price by about $ 20,000. 911 delivers the same thrilling performance, and has a more powerful engine than any GT powertrain. Since all the engines have six cylinders, 911 gets better gas mileage than its Mercedes rivals. Porsche's handling is other-worldly - and unlike the GT, it offers an all-wheel drive. Most models of the 911 seats four people thanks to the small rear seat, and the front seat is supportive and comfortable. The 911 also has a beautifully styled interior and offers more technological features than the GT. Porsche is a better choice in between.

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Which one is better: Mercedes-AMG GT or S-Class Mercedes-Benz?
The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a super-luxury car available as a sedan, coupe, or convertible. Although it does not look as fierce as AMG-GT, it still can carry noise on the open road, with a machine that offers 361-61 horsepower. S-Class is quite agile for its size, and it's more fuel-efficient than GT. It's arguably the best interior of any Luxury Sports Car on the market, and it offers more features than the GT. The S-Class also accommodates four or five people and gives them unparalleled seating comfort. It starts around $ 90,000 - more than $ 20,000 less than GT - and brings more to the table than its Mercedes counterpart. In fairness, the S-Class is more expensive - about $ 70,000. S-Class is a better choice for most buyers, but GT is certainly an attractive option for sports car enthusiasts.

Performance Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT
Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Engine: One for each Trim
Each GT has a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, but the power output varies at trim level. The base GT makes 469 horsepower, while the GT-GT-series top puts 577 horsepower. Each trim is fast, but the two best trims really stand out for their melted facial acceleration abilities. The engine is responsive and fits with a smooth dual-clutch transmission.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Gas Mileage: Do not Miss the Pit Stop
GT is far from hybrid. The Mercedes gets 16 mpg in town and 22 mpg on the highway, which ranks lower than most other luxury sports cars. However, in the GT defense, not every competitor has a standard V8 engine.
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Compared to the Jaguar F-Type (four-cylinder) and Porsche 911 (six cylinders) - both of which have smaller engines - you'll spend at least $ 700 more per year on gas in the GT.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Ride and Handling: Dynamo Handling
Like most luxury sports cars, the GT gives a firm but comfortable ride. Still, this really stands out for handling it. Sharp steering makes the Luxury Sports Car still point to where you want it, and incredible grip means you're likely to lose your courage before you push this Luxury Sports Car to the limit.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Interior
How Many People Have a GT Seat?
This two-seat GT provides decent visibility for the driver. The chair has enough head and leg space and supports it a lot, but not wide enough for everyone to ride comfortably. And since seats are designed for performance, they do not provide typical luxury car level support.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT and Car Seats
GT does not have a LATCH connector to install the seat of Luxury Sports Car.

Quality Interior Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT
AMG GT is the first sports car, but still Mercedes. This means premium material features throughout stylish interiors. The cabin is spacious enough for two seats, and this is a great place to spend time.

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Luxury Car Sport Cargo Space Mercedes-Benz GT
The GT coupe hatchback has about 10 cubic feet of luggage space, which is enough space for some golf bags or about six shopping bags. Some rivals have larger trunks, but many also have luggage with legs of less than 10 cubic feet.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation
Standard features on the AMG GT include two-zone automatic climate control, four-speaker audio system, satellite radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth, COMAND infotainment system with 8.4-inch screen, navigation and touchpad control Mercedes. You can add one of two Burmester premium audio systems for outstanding sound quality.

The infotainment system presents some issues beyond the controller's touchpad learning curve. However, GT does not offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which you can get in some rivals. For more information, see What's Apple CarPlay? and What is Android Auto? Then, see Best Luxury Sports Car With CarPlay Apple and Best Car With Android Auto.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Reliability
Is GT Mercedes-AMG Reliable?
2018 Mercedes-AMG GT does not yet have an estimated level of reliability from J.D. Power.
Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-Benz GT Luxury Sports Cars Warranty
Mercedes supports GT with a warranty of four years / 50,000 miles. Many other luxury vehicles have similar warranty requirements.
Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT Safety
Crash Test Results Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT
2018 Mercedes-AMG GT has not been tested through trials by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Features of Luxury Sports Car Safety Mercedes-Benz GT
Standard driver assistance features include rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, driver relapse driver, and automatic emergency braking. Adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring are available.

Which Mercedes-AMG GT model is right for me?
There are four GT trim to choose from. All twin-turbocharged V8 engine features (though horsepower and torque are different for each trim), dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drive.

While higher trims may offer features or two extra features, they generally only give you more powerful machines and some performance-related features. Unless you will routinely bring your GT to a track, you probably will not notice the difference. With that in mind, the basic model makes a good choice for many buyers. It delivers thrilling performance and is available as a convertible or coupe.

Each trim offers a number of features and packages of individual choices that can cost several thousand dollars. These include different styling options, high performance braking systems, upgraded suspensions, performance exhausts, Burmester audio systems, adaptive cruise control, and more.

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Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT
GT AMG has a base price of $ 112,400. It features a 469-horsepower V8. Standard features include dual-zone automatic climate control, four-speaker audio system, satellite radio, HD Radio, two USB ports, Bluetooth, rearview camera, front and rear parking sensors, driver controller, automatic emergency braking, and COMAND infotainment system with screen 8.4 inches, navigation, and touchpad control of Mercedes.

Roadster GT AMG has a starting price of $ 124,400. It comes with a folding top soft power. The convertible model has a list of features similar to the coupe, but there are some differences. Lane still helps and standard active damping suspension in coupe but optional in convertible. The roadster, however, comes with a Mercedes' Airscarf, which is not offered in the coupe model.

Luxury Sports Car Mercedes-Benz GT
AMG GT S starts at $ 132,400. This trim has a 515-horsepower engine. Its list is almost identical to its basic model, although GT S comes with a Burma 11 speaker audio system.

Mercedes-AMG GT C
AMG GT C has a starting price of $ 145,000. GT C has a 550-horsepower V8 and comes standard with blind spot monitoring and a Burma 10 speaker audio system. GT C also comes with a feature that lets you select multiple modes that affect the timing shift of dual-clutch transmission.

This other trim is offered as a convertible. AMG GT C wheels start at $ 157,000. In addition to the top of the folding soft power, the roadster comes with a ventilated seat and 'Airscarf Mercedes' system.
Mercedes-AMG GT R
AMG GT R is the top trim, and the price starts at $ 157,000. It comes with a 577-horsepower engine. Standard features include traction control selector and carbon fiber roof. GT R ​​is not offered with sunroof.

Final Call
2018 Mercedes-AMG GT is a world-class Luxury Sports Car. It delivers elite performance and has a perfect interior. This Luxury Sports Car has no major shortcomings, and the fact that this Luxury Sports Car is not a top class Luxury Sports Car in the classroom is a product of some luxury Sports Cars that does make some sense than a bad shadow on the GT. The high price means it is not the best value, but if you can afford it, GT is on your shopping list.

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