Only Produced 99 Units, Aston Martin Valkyrie Uses Stone Moon

The car is super-fast and the price is expensive and we often hear it. But I have to reverse Aston Martin Valkiri. Valkyrie is not a high-performance car that can be purchased by anyone. Of course every owner wants to modify to be different from the other owners of Aston Martin Valkyrie.

reported by Spades, the guinea instinctive calculation that happens to be in the songs of Huera BC Vinino, Lamborghini, Queenera XS, and others, and declared to him Valkyrie will use dust from the moon.

The account announced that it successfully purchased a stone from the moon, destroying it to dust. After that, the dust mixed with the red-lunar CAROSB coating.

Although using space materials as a mixture of paint, the most interesting thing still from Aston Martin Valkyrie is its performance.

Aston Martin Valkiri naturally adopts a 6.5 litre V12 motor that produces 1130 kindergartens. It was reported that this performance could match the F1 car.

Apparently, there are people from Indonesia, Aston Martin Valkiri.

Aston Martin is currently developing a new car, Valkyrie. This model is a joint venture developed by the British manufacturer with Red Bull.

Although he has not yet officially launched in the world market and in the country, it turns out that there is one Indonesian who has asked for cars that are said to be producing us only many of the 99 US units.

"Customers in Indonesia already have a message. However, it does not buy the street version but use the track, "said Ermawan Boidadi, CEO of Aston Martin Jakarta, when she found in Ian, central Jakarta, some time ago.

More Ermawan, to produce an Aston Martin Valkyrie there are two, a highway and a racetrack. Especially for use on track races, Aston Martin will produce only the United States of America's many 25 units.

"Our customers know that the car is not possible in Indonesia. If possible, there must be no way. That's why it's better to have one for the track, "he added.

Aston Martin Valkiri will not be brought to Indonesia, and the landlord will only save the super powers at the Aston Martin plant, and when you want to use it can be directly in the ' thin gas ' on the racetrack.

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