The Best Sports Car of 2006

Best sports car of 2006

A sports car is a very fascinating vehicle and appeals to everyone. Everyone will be very mengnginkannya. The features and facilities of a sports car make them stand out among other types of cars. sports

cars are categorized as luxury cars but there is still competition among sports cars. It's interesting to talk about this sports car and why it stands out among the other sports cars.
Here are some sports cars of 2006 that make the list of the best sports cars and the quality that keeps them above average.

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- Audi A3 2.0T

This car goes beyond the beauty of its exterior. Car enthusiasts appreciate the responsiveness and agility of the car.

Audi A3 2.0T comes with an intercooled, turbo-charged engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters and 16 valves. The car is capable of providing power up to 197 mph at 5100 rpm.

Other features of this sports car include a six-speed manual transmission, driveline front wheel drive, 101.5 in distance and 3300 - 3350 lbs sidewalk.

- Chevrolet Corvette

The V-8 car engine (7.0 liters) with 16 valves can allow for greater speed, and since this car is lighter than an ordinary luxury car, the Chevrolet Corvette is capable of driving up to 125 mph in 12 seconds in a quarter mile.

The car braking system is very impressive. The car's reflexes are also amazing.

The car comes with the following specifications: rear-wheel drive type, and heavy sidewalk 3100 - 3300 lbs.

-Honda Accord

This sports car comes with a fresh look: revised interior, rear and front styling, and the ability to minimize the noise of the better.

Honda Accord still boasts its quality such as high resale value, construction and good reliability.

The V6 deal comes with a new stable system and improved suspension.

This luxury car also has the following specifications: front wheel driveline type, 3100 to 3600 lbs. Curb weight, up to 107.9 in wheelbase and 5 or 6 speed manual transmission.

- Porsche Boxster

Talk to Porsche Boxster then we will talk well about the balance. by combining these qualities with increased power provided by DOHC 24 valve engines with a 2.7 liter capacity.

The braking system is incredible as is the aggressive appeal of the car.

Other features of the car include:

Type rear wheel driveeline, 95.1 in. Wheelbase, and curb weights 2900 -3100 lbs.

Really, sports cars are developing and they will continue to grow as long as there is competition. Car enthusiasts can expect more outstanding features in sports cars over time.

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